A team that loves what they do.

Greg Millar

joined Pelco (now Schneider Electric) in 2002 and has served in several positions within Engineering, specifically around developing digital IP-based products for the company. Most recently Mr. Millar was promoted to CTO of MultiSight. Mr. Millar has over 30 years experience in various technology related businesses, 20 years of which were in Silicon Valley where he was a pioneer in computer graphics, digital video and cloud-based services. He served as VP Engineering and CTO at Radius and as CEO at Snippets Software. Mr. Millar has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Computer Visualization of Computational Fluid Dynamics) from UC Davis.

Kirsten Medhurst

is our Lead User Experience (UX) Designer with more than 17 years experience designing interfaces and conducting user research. Kirsten is constantly communicating with MultiSight customers to better understand their issues and workflows, gather input on new features, and educate them on ways MultiSight can improve their business. Kirsten received her Master’s in Information Management & Systems from UC Berkeley. After Berkeley, she developed search interfaces with researcher Marti Hearst , estimated worldwide information production with economist Hal Varian, and collaborated with cognitive psychologist Rashmi Sinha, the founder of SlideShare. Kirsten has been part of the Schneider Electric team since 2003.

Evan Garabedian

has been a part of the MultiSight team from day one. Like in any startup environment, Evan has worn many hats, including: sales, product management, customer care, marketing and video production. Today Evan drives inbound marketing, sales operations, and overall strategy for MultiSight. He is also the executive producer of our multimedia properties. Evan received his bachelor's degree in Business, International Business Management, Information Systems and Statistics from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

And a team of seasoned engineers designing and developing cloud and IP-based video technology with years of expertise in the following areas:

Internet of Things

AWS & Cloud Services


Embedded devices

Video Content Analysis

Mobile Apps

Video management

UI Design

User Experience

Industrial Design

Video Streaming