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Multi-location restaurants use MultiSight for more than just video surveillance. See what you've been missing.

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Tighten your restaurant operations and prevent employee theft

An unfortunate reality in the food service business is high staff turnover and persistent shortages due to theft, unexplained food inventory, shrinkage and disappearing kitchenware.

Continuous HD video monitoring and recording gives you the ability to spot improper employee or customer activities. The ability to review video archives stored safely in the cloud gives you a distinct edge for investigating activities and sharing evidence with law enforcement.

Curbing just one or two incidents can pay for the cost of a reliable video monitoring solution.

Remote live monitoring from any mobile device
Record all critical activity and events in critical spots
Cloud-based archives are easily searchable and downloaded

See how much you can save:

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What our restaurant customers are saying

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    “We started using MultiSight in a one-store test and were ecstatic when we saw a 15% increase in revenue shortly after the system was installed. We’ve been able to better supervise employees and use the system to help in training.”

    –Brandon Price, District Manager, sweetFrog Download the Case Study
  • pizza

    “MultiSight is like having another set of eyes in all our restaurants...I can view the kitchen, the cash registers, or the dining room across every location and check on productivity, guest service, and business levels. ”

    –Matt Adams, Director of Operations,Round Table Pizza Download the Case Study
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    “MultiSight lets us instantly add or remove user access to any store. Video has helped us tighten up operations and improve customer service.”

    –A. Thomas Ferdinandi, COO, Milano Restaurants International Download the Case Study

Manage your restaurants on the go

There are no per-user fees, so every department can benefit from access to MultiSight video. With more people empowered to monitor different aspects of your restaurants, you'll gain efficiencies and improve your customer service.

In addition to managing loss prevention, MultiSight can help improve other areas of operation:

  • Improving performance in the front and back of the house
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Monitoring cleanliness and after-hours janitorial tasks
  • Risk management for investigating customer/HR claims
  • Kitchen food prep and inventory management
  • Marketing and promotions compliance
  • Ability for regional managers to check a location instantly


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