• What is MultiSight?

  • Do you send all of my video to the cloud?

  • How many cameras do you support?

  • How many days of storage do I get?

  • I already have cameras. Can I use these with your service?

  • Do you monitor my video for me?

Features / Capabilities

  • Do your cameras work outdoors?

  • Do your cameras work in low light settings

  • Do you record audio?

  • Can I burn video to a DVD/thumb drive? How do I export video?

  • Do you have analytics?


  • What’s the quality of the video?

  • What kind of coverage does each camera provide?

  • Is your camera wireless?

  • How secure is your service?

  • Can MultiSight integrate with my POS?


  • How much does the MultiSight service cost?

  • How long is the contract commitment?

  • Can I just buy your equipment and not pay monthly for the service?

  • How do I buy MultiSight?


  • I have my own installer / integrator. Can I install MultiSight myself?

  • Who does your installs and are they insured/bonded/etc?

  • How quickly can you deploy to all of my sites?